Survey: Please tell us that you will or will not attend.

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May we share your contact info with other classmates? A digital booklet would be distributed to all attendees. Also we will hand out a list of mobile numbers along with your badge so that classmates may text one another as they arrive for the weekend.

Are you interested in meeting at 6 Harbors Brewing on October 14 (Friday)? In the event that the virus is still active, be aware that this venue has a tent. (Y/N)

Are you interested in the main event at the American Legion on October 15 (from 6-10 pm) ? (Y/N)

Are you interested in Sunday brunch at a restaurant in Huntington Village? (Y/N)

We are looking for volunteers to help with the following. Please let us know which you are willing to help out with.

Hand out name tags at Six Harbors (Friday) (Y/N)

Hand out name tags at American Legion (Y/N)

Help decorate the American Legion hall (approx. 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM). (Y/N) Supplies will be provided

Many of you have expressed interest in a digital booklet that contains contact info, grade school class photos and other appropriate photos. We’d put this in a drop box folder for all to access.

Can you help curate photos for this booklet? (Y/N)

Can you help with editing and layout? (Y/N)

Do you have photos to contribute? (Y/N)

Are you bringing a +1? (Y/N)